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2020 Hyundai Creta Review



The brand new Creta has arrived with sensation in 2020. The Hyundai Creta review will provide all the answers you are looking for. The Creta is known pretty important model to Hyundai, as it has been a runway success and it costs pretty expensive too. The Hyundai Creta first drive review has been an incredible experience, as it has stepped into the field of competition. The Hyundai Creta model promises a new benchmark and to be more premium. The Hyundai Creta might have increased its price, but the features built in it are improvised as well.

Features of the exterior of the model Hyundai Creta:

Let’s talk about the exterior designing of the Hyundai Creta review, as it is the first thing that attracts people at first sight. If we talk about the car in the terms of its size, then the model is wider and longer than the old model SUV, but it is slightly shorter with 30mm than before. Although the new designing set of the model ‘Creta’ might get mixed reactions from people, as the designers might have put too much effort in order to create something more attractive than any other model. At the front of the car, the model is designed with gigantic hexagonal grille, which is outlined a shiny chrome strip. There is also ice cube three element LED headlamps that creates the look, a bit more stylish with LED DRL’s designed on the top of them. The turn indicators are designed lower down in the fog lamp casing.

What are the dimensions of the model Hyundai Creta?

  • The model is designed with the length of 4300mm (+30mm).
  • The model is designed with the width of 1790mm (+10mm).
  • The model is designed with the height of 1635mm (-30mm).
  • The model is designed with the measurement of wheelbase with 2610mm (+20mm).

In comparison of the front design, the rear design can be considered as substantial. The model is designed with excessive efforts, and has created a unique piece of art of bulges, tail lamps, and creases. The rear looks muscular due to the bulging boot section, and the black strip connecting tail lamps create the unique look for model Hyundai Creta. The new model has the silhouette that looks pretty clean, which is big relief. The Creta’s flared wheel arches add some pounds to the beauty and the sloping roofline creates the stylish look. Also the designing of alloy wheel design on the diesel car is the usual Hyundai matter.
But for the surprising fact, the sportier turbo of petrol version is designed with simple grey alloys. The variant of the model is also designed with black roof and ‘turbo badge’ at the rear with red color exterior designed car. The Creta will create an impressive impression on you, but it lacks in designing with a slight difference in comparison to ‘Seltos’.

What about the interior set up of the model?

Well, in Hyundai Creta review, we have admired the interior set up very closely. And if compared with exterior, then the creta’s cabin looks more developed. The designing of dash of the model is traditional and are catchy to the eyes. There is also ‘V’ shaped centre console, which is well described with high resolution 10.25 inch display placed at a centre stage. The model consists of TFT screen which shows all the information whether it is trip, tyre pressures, or speed. The display is bound by analogue dials for fuel gauge and tachometer, but has slight downside of being small and creates struggle in reading. In terms of quality, the Creata will step up to the expectation in comparison to the old model, but with slight downside points. The speaker grille designed on the top of the dash could have been made with better quality, and the gear selector and plastic rolled around the climate control looks too simple. One more downside in the car is that the dashboard designed with the fake stitching, which is the least expected option in the car with this high priced rate, but it is a big relief that you would not find it anywhere else in the car.
The most exciting offer people look for is color options provided for the model. And if we talk about interior provided color for Hyundai Creta, then it is all black for 1.4 litre turbo petrol variants, and for diesel variant, the options are black and two tone beige. The front seats are designed with large and accommodating space, and also the cushion designing is right on the point. The seats are 8-way power designed for driver seat, and with the help of this feature it is easy to find perfect position for drive mode. There is one thing that the steering has a feature to set according to the height, but you cannot set according to the reach, which is expected with a car that costs for 20 lakh.
The rear seats of the car are designed comfortably with perfect space for knee and shoulder. The car model has picked up the back portion of the seat base, which provides more underthigh support and creates more headroom. The seat experience gets better with gigantic panoramic sunroof that turns car into extremely fresh and airy. There is also rear window sunblind feature in the car with two step adjustable backrest at the rear. The car provide wide bench, which is perfect to fit three people. But the surprising point is that the adjustable headrest for centre passenger is not provided by Hyundai, which is available in Seltos. The storage space is designed by keeping in mind about providing enough storage space for people sitting in the car. The cup holders behind the gear lever are designed in two different sizes, which are designed to put a big water bottle or a big cup. The glove box and door pockets are designed with deep space as well. The boot size of the model is designed in big size, but it cannot be considered as class leading. The luggage bay is well designed, and 433 litres of space is provided as well in the car. There is also a 60:40 split folding rear seat for convenience.

What about features and technology used in the model?

Hyundai Creta review has provided lot of insights over the features and technology used in the model to experience. The model Creta is designed with so many impressive feature in top variant. There is LED DRLs, LED tail lamps, and LED headlamps. There are impressive features provided in lower variant of ‘Creta’ as well like bi-functional halogen projector headlamps. The car model also has Apple CarPlay connectivity, Android Auto, cooled front seats, electronic parking brake, and paddle shifters for the automatic variants, and air purifier as well. The car model is also designed with automatic headlamps, but there is no auto wiper feature in the car.
There is a blue link in the car system that allows car owners to track down their car, remotely operate the engine, and geo fencing. These features are available on the manual variant as well. The Creta has electronic parking brake, which requires remote engine start in the manual variant.

What about the performance?

The Hyundai Creta 2020 is built with one diesel and two petrol options. For Hyundai Creta review, the diesel manual and turbo petrol automatic is tried out. It has 1353cc, the turbo charged petrol motor, which is same in the Kia Seltos that produces identical 242Nm and 140PS of torque. The high tech motor is designed with an equal modern 7-speed dual clutch automatic. The petrol variant of Creta does not offer manual gearbox option.
The turbo petrol variant is more likely fast version of Creta, the time you step onto the accelerate pedal, it will respond quickly to the action go. The peak torque of the car model comes with low 1500rpm, the engine will operate at 6000rpm redline, and the mid range is strong. The new model of Creta is designed with three drive modes and that is Eco, Sport, and Normal. In the normal and eco mode, the gearbox is designed to upshift at the earliest and maximize the fuel efficiency, and in sport mode it all stays at lowest gear possible. The normal and eco mode provides more power and engine runs smoothly in these modes. The sport mode provides gearbox enthusiastic power and holds the higher gear, but it also makes throttle response bit convulsive. This feature causes problems in driving at low speeds. The gearbox short shifts and keeps in the meet of powerband, and it happens especially in this mode. The engine is smooth and quite at low speed and it gets shaggy after 4000 rpm, which is not smooth as four pot TSI motor in Skoda and VW cars.
The diesel engine of the car model is designed as the same old car, albeit it is BS6 complaint and is also downsized. There is 1.5 litre motor, which makes 115PS of power that is 13 PS low on the old engine, but his is the fact which is hardly noticeable. The engine is impressive in the terms of smoothness and fine-tuning. The gear shifts of the car model are kept at a minimum, as the turbo lag is very small. These features combined makes the car model run smoothly and perfectly around the city. The punching engine makes overtaking on the highway easy and smooth, which is because of tall gearing. The model is designed with light clutch and slick gearbox, which makes the entire task easier. In Hyundai Creta review, the performance test registered decent responses. It took 12.24 seconds in 0 to 100 kmph run, which can be reported as longer in the comparison of older model. But the better ability of drive, the gear times were smooth and in third taking it was 30-80 kmph.

Features of ride and handling system?

In this Hyundai Creta review, you will get to know about the features and handling system working to hype the experience. The car model consists of suspension setup, which provides plushness in the new model of Creta. It delivered absorbent low speed ride in town despite of having 17 inch wheels. There is also a spring rate which makes compact SUV feel supple and controlled. The suspension provides crash free bump absorption over rutted surfaces, and you will not feel any kind of imperfections. The low speeds will provide firmness, but will not make you uncomfortable. The car model also works well on blocking road noise, which is paired with silent suspension, and it feels comfortable and plush all the time. The new model of Creta is designed with rock solid straight line stability, which is really good. The Creta handles the changing corners very well, even if the corners appeared eagerly, but it does not engaged to drive. The steering is designed to run smoothly, but can be a diplomat to turn the front wheels, and provides fair bit for body roll as well.
The new model of Creta is prepared in five variants, which has automatic options for higher spec SX and SX (O) variants only. With the estimated budget, the base spec EX variant is a good value to consider, as it is loaded with various kinds of features. The new Creta is also designed with lot of safety features. The top variant consists of 6 airbags, and all other consists of mostly two. The safety features are Hill start assist control (HAC), Vehicle stability management control (VSM), and Electronic stability control (ESC). The Hill start assist control (HAC) comes in SX (O) and SX variants only. There is also disc brake for rear wheels and child seats available in these two variants whereas the rear parking camera is available for SX (O) and S, SX variants.
The Hyundai Creta review has been an incredible experience, as it is remarkable compact SUV. The features include enough space, filled with features, comfortable, petrol and diesel options, and easy to drive. This model is the upgraded version in comparison to the old one. But has a downside of polarising design, front parking sensors, and telescopic adjust for steering system. If these features put aside, then you are good to buy the car happily to have an incredible experience.

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Top 9 Car Stereo Brands In The World 2022




Car Stereo Brands

The stereo system in the automobile is primarily used to communicate with the audio system. High-end cars have many different sounds and can greatly alter the ride quality especially when they have a very active system on their cars. Currently, the car’s stereo has numerous features. Though function should always be a big factor when selecting a stereo system that fits your vehicle, knowing which brand produces the top stereos may help narrow your search to the most appropriate product faster. The following article lists some best car stereos brands.

10 best car stereos in 2022


Pioneer Vs Kenwood Comparison – Choose The Best Car Audio Brand


This is a Japanese company that manufactures car audio systems of the highest quality and most importantly, at reasonable prices. The company has been manufacturing products such as amplifiers, audio receivers and speakers for nearly 70 years. Here are some of its features as follows:
• Bluetooth connectivity.
• Hands-free and calling facilities.
• Near Field Communication technology is integrated into the car radio to facilitate the connection between the smartphone and the audio system.
• Play music for iPhone and Android.
• Support for radio data systems.


JVC is considered the best in India, which is a Japanese brand and specializes in manufacturing car stereo systems. Following are some of the features that JVC has incorporated into its stereo technology system such as:
• Compatibility with MP3, WMA and WAV3.
• Possibility to connect via USB to Android or Tablet.
• Has a Bluetooth function that allows hands-free calling.
• Connections available with major Android and iPhone devices.
• Improve space-time equalization technology.



It is a German organization, which produces electronic types of gear, and has laid out better standing in Indian market too. The organization has laid out notoriety in highlights, quality, and planning, which has arrived in expanding number of supporters for brand. The organization is known for making interactive media collector, subwoofers, recieving wires, and most significant vehicle sound framework. Here are a portion of the highlights that Blaupunkt partakes in vehicle sound framework like:
• WMA collector, In run AM/FM/RDS/MW, and CD/CD-R/CD-A/CD/RW MP3.
• Similarity for iPhone, and iPod.
• It gives update office to programming by means of USB.
• Bluetooth with worked in office in framework alongside mouthpiece.
• It likewise has radio information framework.


Sony is known worldwide for its quality and technology in the manufacture of electronic products. They thrive on new technologies, developing audio systems for a more comfortable experience and features to enjoy. Here are some of the features that Sony shares with its customers, such as:
• Ability to connect via Bluetooth.
• Wireless music stream
• Hands-free device
• High resolution touch screen
• Support for UPS, DVD and CD drive drives
• Reverse camera connection


Clarion ensures the CZ401 is future-proof. You can add a Bluetooth® adapter to enjoy safe and convenient hands-free calling. You can connect the SIRIUS satellite radio tuner directly to this receiver without the need for brand-specific interpreter cables, saving you money. Of course, a subscription is required to listen to satellite radio programming.


It is a Tokyo-based company that specializes in manufacturing car audio systems and other accessories. Here are some of the features that Alpine shares with its customers, such as:
• Digital time correction
• Volume equalization
• Music clarity
• Multiq . Technology

Boss Audio Systems

Bose is a well-known American brand known for its car stereo systems and speaker products. The company is world class and well established in India. Car stereos are famous for the sound quality they sell. The company has been developing car radios for nearly 30 years. It has advanced sound technology by combining innovation to create the perfect listening experience system for every type of vehicle. There are many companies that have installed Bose systems in their cars. Cars with a Bose sound system are Infiniti, GMC, Fiat, Mazda, Nissan, Audi, Chevrolet and others.



This sound system type will be ideal for your decision, as it needn’t bother with any sort of module to play your top pick. You can pay attention to your music, recordings, and webcasts remotely from your own gadget, as it has Bluetooth inherent the vehicle tech. The framework has likewise USB direct control for your gadgets. The sound system has likewise FM and AM tuner, which everyone loves to appreciate while going in the vehicle. The sound system likewise has underlying MOSFET enhancer with various shading light choice, which utilizes multi-line show. The best element is that it actually conveys the offices of smaller plate.


Which is the most popular brand?

kenwood car stereo is a best brand in india.
Type: Audio & Video
Connectivity: Bluetooth, USB, AUX
Steering Wheel Controls
Maximum Output: 50*4 W
Disc Formats: USB, MP3, DVD, AUX

Legal information

Car Stereo Buyers Guide

About us

Kenwood VS Pioneer Contrast Table

Pioneer vs Kenwood – Differences

Pioneer Vs Kenwood Double Din Stereo

Pioneer In-Dash Built-in

JVC Single-Din Built-in Bluetooth

BOSS Audio 616UAB

Hands-free Calling/Smartphone Integration

Kenwood KDC-168U In-Dash


BOSS Audio 820BRGB

Pioneer Single-DIN In-Dash

Pioneer AVH-X390BS

Kenwood amplifiers

BOSS Audio BV7335B Single Digital Audio

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Top 10 Best Car Stereo Brands



Top 10 Best Car Stereo Brands

1.Pioneer DEH-X6800BT

Top 10 Best Car Stereo Brands

Stereo is the part, which matters the most for car enthusiast. The package is complete with stereo parts, and ads up the more advantage to the advancement of the technology. There are plenty of things that need to check up before getting your hands on car stereos, and as for car lovers, music belongs to their soul. The car stereos are available at affordable price with attractive features, and here are some guidelines about how to choose your stereo brand such as:
Cost: Well everything is dependent on the budget amount you are ready to spend on the chosen one. As for car enthusiast there is no limit about how much money should be spend. The one who can afford will buy the best stereo brand in their reach, but for who can spend small amount on stereos will decide according to the budget estimate. Well in this article we have lists of all kind of stereos, and you check it according to your choice.

Top 10 Best Car Stereo Brands

Top 10 Best Car Stereo Brands

Bluetooth: while checking stereo brands, Bluetooth option is the important one, as most people like to play without attaching their phone via cord. Sometimes people are sitting far from stereo system and the cord cannot reach the place that is where Bluetooth is helpful. Bluetooth ads up the advantage to the stereo system through which you can play your favourites from anywhere, and ads up the benefit to the advancement of technology.
CD compatibility: Well in these days, the craze for compact discs are really disappearing or you can say almost disappeared. Sometimes people like go back in time to feel the old century, and old times, and sometimes the case are that people want to listen to the old music mixed in 2006 or before that time. In this case some stereo brands still includes compact disc facilities in their car system.
Other features: There are plenty of other features that you should be aware to check it out like phone call support, USB control, voice recognition, touch screen, HDMI inputs, DVD receiving, and some other features which add more benefits to the car system.
Here are some brands with mentioned features, which will ease up the decision of what brand you should choose or you can afford as follows:

1.Pioneer DEH-X6800BT:

This stereo type will be perfect for your choice, as it does not need any kind of plug-in to play your favourite. You can listen to your music, videos, and podcasts wirelessly from your own device, as it has Bluetooth built-in the car tech. The system has also USB direct control for your devices. The stereo has also FM and AM tuner, which everybody loves to enjoy while travelling in the car. The stereo also has built-in MOSFET amplifier with different color illumination option, which uses multi-line display. The best feature is that it still carries the facilities of compact disc.


JVC is considered as the best in India, which is a Japanese brand and specializes in manufacturing of car stereo system. Here are some features that JVC includes in its stereo tech system such as:
• Compatibility lies in MP3, WMA, and WAV3.
• Connectivity facility through USB to android or tablet.
• It has the Bluetooth facility, which provides the ability to call via hands free operation.
• Available device connectivity for android and most important iPhone.
• Enhancement of the technology for space and time alignment.


It is an American based company, which specializes in the system of automotive stereo manufacturing. The company also specializes in other technology systems like subwoofers, car component, speakers, and other systems. This stereo brand is known for built-in feature of technology. Here are some of the features that infinity shares to the customers for easy access such as:
• It is sleek, slim, and more evolved or you can say stylish in the body design.
• This is the best one, as it has Bluetooth facility to connect with devices wirelessly.
• It provides compatibility with android smartphones.
The infinity is famous for its products, and widely used at worldwide level companies like Kia, Hyundai, Mitsubishi, and etc.



Bose is the famous American brand, which is mostly recognised for automobile stereo systems and speaker products. The company present itself on worldwide level, and it is well established in India as well. The car stereo system is famous for the quality of the sound it sells. The company is serving for almost 30 years in designing sound systems for cars. It has evolved the sound technology by combining innovations to create ideal system for listening experience for any kind of vehicle. There are lot of companies that has Bose set up system in their car. The vehicles that have the Bose sound system are Infiniti, GMC, Fiat, Mazda, Nissan, Audi, Chevrolet, and etc.


It is a German company, which manufactures electronic equipments, and has established better reputation in Indian market as well. The company has established popularity in features, quality, and designing, which has landed in increasing number of followers for brand. The company is known for making multimedia receiver, subwoofers, antennas, and most important car sound system. Here are some of the features that Blaupunkt shares in car audio system like:
• WMA receiver, In dash AM/FM/RDS/MW, and CD/CD-R/CD-A/CD/RW MP3.
• Compatibility for iPhone, and iPod.
• It provides update facility for software via USB.
• Bluetooth with built-in facility in system along with microphone.
• It also has radio data system.


Clarion is a Japanese company that has captured the attention on worldwide level, and plans to gain more. The well renowned company ‘Hitachi’ is the parent company of this brand. The company produces navigation system, speakers, car audio system, AutoPCs as well, and etc. the sound system are build with good quality and especially focused on clarity. Here are some of the features as follows:
• The sound system has WMA receiver, CD, MP3, USB.
• Streaming of audio from android smartphone.
• Control and compatibility with iPhone and iPod.
• And special one is Bluetooth connectivity.


It is a Japanese company that produces car audio system with best quality and most importantly with reasonable cost. The company is producing several products like amplifiers, audio receivers, and speakers, for almost 70 years. Here are some of the features as follows:
• Bluetooth connectivity.
• Hands free and calling facilities.
• Near Field Communication technology built-in car stereo system to ease up the connectivity between smartphone and audio system.
• Playback for iPhone and Android music.
• Radio Data System support.


JBL is an American company serving decades to manufacture audio systems and speakers. JBL has established well reputed image in Indian market as everyone prefer its audio system, as the equipment has best sound quality. Here are some of the features of JBL such as:
• Distortion free and high performance playback.
• Unparalleled listening experience
• Mp3 players supporting USB, CD, DVD drives



Sony is renowned for its quality and technology for manufacturing electronic products at worldwide level. They are evolving with new technologies and developing audio systems for better user friendly experience and features to enjoy them. Here are some of the features that Sony shares with its customers such as:
• Connectivity facility via Bluetooth.
• Wireless music stream
• Hands free system for calling
• High resolution touch screen
• Support facility for USV, DVD, and CD drives
• Connectivity for rear view camera


It is a Tokyo based company, which specializes in manufacturing car audio system and other accessories. Here are some of the features that Alpine shares with its customers such as:
• Digital time correction
• Equalization in sound
• Music clarity
• Multeq technology

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A One Stop Solution for Your Favourite Gadgets with Quality Content



A One Stop Solution for Your Favourite Gadgets with Quality Content

We have brought a ‘One Stop Solution’ for you to stay updated in information about technologies that have been launched in the name of greater good. We at ‘Gadget teen’ share the experience with the audience about reviews and latest updates related to gadgets from around the world. We work with quality content to provide accurate information including gadget reviews.

The creation of Gadget teen is based upon the researches carried out in the context of gadgets like Laptops, DSLR camera, Music players, smartphones, speakers, etc. The team working under the name of Gadget teen has undertaken several projects like mobile reviews, car reviews, bike review and price specification, TV review and price specification, laptop review and price specification, etc.

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Here you can get answers for your queries in an organized and summarized way. Why wander in between hundreds of sites and drain your energy, when you can get all the details at Gadget teen website.

It may be difficult to find a collective form of data about mobile tech reviews to experience the features and specification closely. Our first priority is to add value to the content by performing analysis and experiencing the latest techs or vehicles at first hand. We are inspired with the accomplishments of modern technologies, and curious about how much it has established the virtual worth for everything.


We have been living through the digital mediums since 70’ and from that moment on we have invented countless technologies for the betterment of the future. We take part in these mobile legends reviews to provide content to the audiences, which put an ease to the confusion over buying gadgets. You can find your favourite cool and latest gadgets on our website with price and specifications, which are brought to you by conducting regular tests. 

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